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Theatrical Lighting


Emma and Richie's Big Viking Funeral (Hollywood Fringe Fest)

Pipeline (ALD)

The Motherfucker with the Hat (ALD)

The Birdcage Experiment (premiere designer)

Sincerity Forever

Emma and Richie’s Big Viking Funeral (premiere designer)

The Importance of Family (premiere designer)

Indigo Children (premiere designer)

Reginald and Gunderson Learn to Live (premiere designer)


Our Town

Little Shop of Horrors

The Diary of Anne Frank

The Little Mermaid

Dance Lighting


American Contemporary Ballet

Dance With Me Dance Studio

Hickory Dance Program

"Payton is a joy to work with. Their drive and passion is inspiring to be around. They have an excellent eye for detail combined with an intuitive sense of how to create the whole project's look. Payton's ability to translate big ideas into reality is impressive and invaluable to a creative team. "

  "One of the standouts of [the show was] the lighting... Payton Jane showcases their expertise in lighting shifts that enhance the mood and direct the gaze of the audience. [The lighting] is a character all in its own. "

"American Contemporary Ballet has elevated their lighting experience, with Payton Jane impressing audiences with perfectly timed lighting effects that both enhance and elevate the ballet."

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